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Friday, May 28, 2010

copy TAG from KaksHa~

What is your full name?
Ariff Redzuan Bin Hj Razali

When is your birthday?
Tahun ni ke?? haha.. 20 Oktober 2010

What is your daddy's name?
Hj Razali Bin Hj Ibrahim

What is your mum's name?
Hjh Zaharah Bt A.Rahim

How many siblings do you have?
Anak ke-2 drpd 4

Where do you live?
Kluang, Johor
Now Tanjong Malim, coz blajaQ kat sini

Your favourite colour?
Oren,Purple n Black

Still studying?
Yeahh.. Upsi mariii...

Do you have a bestfriend?

Do you love them?
Sangat menyayangi mereka

pop or jazz?
Jazz :: RSVP keh3

chicken or beef?
Ma chicken!!

coke or 100 plus?
100 Plus

What brand is your purse?

How much do you have in your wallet right now?
Tadi baru cucuk duit, so ada la dalam rm80

High heels or flat?
Sport shoes la beb~

skirts or jeans?

shirt or blouse?
Shirt sudah!

watch or bracelet?

favourite watch's brand?

do you have boyfriend?

did you love him?

did you ever kiss him?

facebook or myspace?

what is your dreamS?
ANC wannabe, insyaAllah

please tagged other 10 friends of yours
sesape nak amek,amek laaaa~

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